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Umeå Aviation acident

A film created for Swedish Accident Investigation Authority to visualise the report of a tragic small plane accident in Umeå. Based of filmed material, interviews, 3D and 2D animations and collected audio.



3D Vizualisation / Filmmaking


July 2020

Accident at Storsandskär, Västerbotten County, on 14 July 2019 involving the aeroplane SE-MES of the model GA8-TC 320, in conjunction with parachuting activities .
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The accident occurred on during the third jump of the day, just before the release of the skydivers and sadly no-one onboard managed to exit the plane before it crashed on Storsandskär, just 1km form the planned jump site. It’s an extremely tragic story and I’m humbled to be a part of telling it. My biggest condolences goes out to the families that sadly lost a loved one.

Media Coverage

Most Swedish news broadcasters picked up parts of the film for their evening spots.

Results & Conclusion

Compassion, social return on investment via a global, thought provoking correlation by indicating a scalable & visionary compelling growth state.